Saturday, January 11, 2020

"Mr. Watson come here I want to see you"

The telephone was invented by Thomas Edison and debuted March 10, 1876 when he said the above to his assistant Watson.

Today, 144 years later, hearing aids are state-of-the art with brands that connect to your cell phone (no small amount of irony here) and one merely turns the phone on, taps the Widex app box and viola!  You can adjust the hearing power or turn it down, both  choices custom tailored to your surroundings such as Party, which filters out extraneous noise and gives you the ability to talk one to one without yelling which is especially welcome in noisy restaurants and sports bars.

I know this because yesterday I got this app on mine.   Since my computer skills are non-existent, I had the audiology specialist put it in.  If I tried to do this,  I might find myself listening to and trying to understand conversations conversations in Outer Mongolia.  This app add is free as it is covered in the cost of the hearing aids.

Side Bar:  We were lucky enough to visit the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford summer houses in Ft. Meyer, Florida during a visit with Richie's Aunt Pat and her daughter Ruth Ellen.  They were such good friends that they built and occupied houses next door to one another.  A separate museum shows a great many of both of their inventions and is utterly fascinating.  If you're ever in Ft. Meyer …

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