Thursday, January 16, 2020

Hypocrites or Clueless - You Decide

In the recent news, Meghan the gold digging wife of the formerly known "Prince"  Harry is currently residing on Vancouver Island, Canada.  She is being loaned a $14 million home as sanctuary.

The other day she hopped a sea plane (probably the home owner's private plane) and bopped over to the mainland (a 20-minute flight)  where she visited a shelter for women.  It is reported that she left baby Archie (and I still think naming a possibly future King "Archie" is odd and altogether too flip for Elizabeth's Royal family) with her best friend - and quite possibly six or eight nannies.  A previous story, just post-birth, said that she was obdurate that no one tends to Archie but her.  Not even Harry.  Nannies were quitting left and right at her dictatorial ways.  Something of a sea change, no?

Curious, I looked up the charities she is reputed to support.  I would have guessed Max Factor, Revlon, etc. but a make up company sells their goods; they don't give them away.  Hardly a charity.

Here's what I came up with.
CHIVA  Children's HIV Association  Helping families with kids who are HIV+.

CRISIS - homeless  Probably plenty of room in her host's house, but … that would never do.

The Myna Mahila Foundation,  providing advice and education, sanitary supplies to women during "that time of the month."

Scotty's Little Soldiers - aiding kids whose parents died or were gravely wounded in a war.

StreetGames  Encourages poor children in England, Wales and Scotland to play suitable games on their own doorsteps.   I don't see that somehow in Archie's future.

One last meow - given the endless shots of besotted Harry and adoring Meghan, how come he is still by his lonesome in England and she is cavorting around in sea planes?  I suspect the worst.  Let's hope I'm right!  She did leave an ex-husband wandering around somewhere.

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