Thursday, January 9, 2020

Edward VIII and WallisSimpson vs. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Redux?

Eddie abdicated (i.e. ran like a Frenchman) when he couldn't install the redoubtable Wallis on a matching throne.

Today, the saga of Harry and his sweetie seems like more of the same.  She holds him in a grasp that makes Wallis grip look as gentle as a kitten's sharp little claws, but make no mistake:  both women ran/run their mates like a train. I got so tired of endless photos of Meghan looking adoringly at gawping Harry.  I was reminded and perhaps you will be, too,  of Nancy Reagan giving Ronnie The Look.

Talk of Harry being "a senior royal" irked me since the line of success runs:
Prince Charlie
Prince William
   Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince, George
Prince Archie (as unlikely a name to be attached to "King" as anyone could imagine.)
And coming in at #7, Prince Andrew - first to be King from a U.S. jail!

Where does Harry get money?  Well 95 per cent of it comes from the Duchy of Cornwall; this has been a very fruitful Duchy as it supported Edward VIII first, beginning in 1938.  Originally he had to make do with 410,000 pounds annually (more than Queen Elizabeth II makes today I read.)

Harry and William got the bulk of Princess Diana's money - $13 million - and Prince Charles is said to be generous financially.  Harry is believed to have inherited well from Granny Queen Mother to boot.

The Royals big mistake was to forget that Meghan is an actress (by desire and profession.)  If they'd been smart the Royals would have convinced her that every public appearance is a one-person production starring her!  They didn't, as we all see today.

I read that the couple had already registered a Sussex Website before the rice was swept away from the sidewalk in front of the church.   Meghan plans ahead.  It is well-known that "The Tig" is her clothing line.  God only knows what will come next but word is out that Oprah wants to do a series with them.

God Save the Queen!

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