Sunday, July 21, 2019

Spoons In the Air? Ice Cream at the Ready? It's National Ice Cream Day!

If you are an ice cream aficionado  no matter your political party, you might raise a spoonful to former President Ronald Reagan who declared the third Sunday in July to celebrate this icy-cold treat in 1984.

This may startle other So. Calif. residents; it did me, the US city that eats the most ice cream annually is (drum roll)  Long Beach, CA!  Filling in second is Dallas, TX. except in Texas, they want a cone,  they just buy the whole store.  Texas motto is clearly, "Go Big, or Go Home."

For the Country winner in most consumed, we need to cast our eyes down yonder for New Zealand, followed by Italy for gelato (which is not "ice cream" to me and which nevertheless I like a lot anyhow.)

For the more studious reader, research has shown that it takes 50 licks to demolish a single coop.

What are some "unusual" to American eyes flavors?  From an indoor amusement park called Namja Town, Tokyo, we could sample Raw Horseflesh or Yakisoba, or Squid.  Just typing this made me start reconsidering my plan to have a scoop or so of salted caramel, a pint of which is lurking in the depths of our largely undiscovered collection in the freeze part of the refrigerator.

Let us calm ourselves with some American finds - Goat Cheese with Red Cherries or Corn On the Cob, or from Rehoboam Beach in Delaware,  Devil's Breath Reaper Pepper ice cream for which you have to sign a waiver that if anything happens in an untoward way (such as permanent mouth burn)  the maker is absolved of any guilt.

Elsewhere one might find Fig and Fresh Brown Turkey or Bourbon and Cornflakes or Cheeto which is a vivid o r a n g e   created by rolling the finished ball of cold in "Cheeto dust."

Ben and Jerry and Edye need the money - eat ice cream!  Probably unnecessary to add "and a lot of it!"

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