Monday, July 11, 2016

The French Conversation Club Dejeuner

My little Salade Nicoise (salad Nice-style) was able to quiver from fear of inadequacy,  largely in the shadows of such dishes as:  a French bread pudding; in this case "French" means it had summer vegetables in it and was a main, not a dessert. 

What appeared to be the entire contents of a small cheese shop, each cheese being identified by a toothpick and a label.  I overhead the provider being congratulated on this ID program and she replied, "Well, I can't stand goat cheese and I didn't want to run into it by accident."  And I thought, "Hmm, I think I've got a new friend.

Another lady and I got into a discussion about a largish bowl filled with ?  tapenade (she said) or mousse au chocolat (my opinion.)  By dipping up a spoonful and the two of us studying it like we were discovering a new miracle drug, we ascertained that it was indeed tapenade which was quite tasty.

But the dish that stole the show was what I think of as Cruise Ship Salmon - an entire fish covered with thin slices of cucumber that were the scales of the fish.  They were overlapped with such precision that the first impression was awe.   Half of the dish was gone very quickly but only after everyone whipped out a smart phone and took a picture.  Flashes were so frequent that an alien might have assumed that it was a Great Star visiting the Hermosa Beach Community Center for reasons unknown to the bystander. 

The Thai cole slaw and the jicama cole slaw were excellent.  None of us are French imports,   but, damn!  we have nothing to fear from them in the kitchen!   

Arlette, our glorious leader,  mentioned the possibility of doing it again at Christmas.  OUI!

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