Friday, July 29, 2016

Letters To The Editor

A brief introduction to the zaniness that rules Hermosa Beach, a sister city with Redondo and Manhattan Beaches.  Some time ago, the city council decided to ban smoking on the HB Pier, the square that leads up to it and all outdoor restaurants thereon.  The ocean side of Hermosa Avenue was totally non-smoking.  But:  if you walked across the street, to the land side (so to speak) of Hermosa Avenue, why you just puff away to your heart's content! 

Pretty much clinically insane, no?   We're not done yet.  The city now wants to ban ALL smoking within the city limits, including smoking within your own residence.   This invasion of personal space where none should be irritated me.  Hence what follows --

Daily Breeze, 7/29/16   OPINION section


What's next for Hermosa Beach - a 14-foot wall?
Re "Citywide smoking ban looms" (July 28)

What's next for Hermosa Beach?  A 14-foot wall all the way around the city with specific checkpoints for entering?

Anyone caught attempting to bring in a pack of cigarettes will be promptly escorted to the City Hall/library parking lot by armed Smoke Nazis where they will be summarily enrolled in a mandatory stop-smoking class to last no less than eight hours?

These classes would be taught by members of the City Council who voted to end smoking as we know it in Hermosa?

In support of their cause - the nannyization of an entire city - members will not only gladly work gratis, but fight for the opportunity to do so?

It wouldn't surprise me.

Nina Murphy
Redondo Beach

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