Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Triple Crown Triumph

Traditionally, I have never won any of them - not the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness or   the Belmont Stakes.  Whether this is due to my penchant for ALWAYS betting the grey horse and in lieu of one, a name that appeals to me  or just plain bad luck.

Yesterday was different.  I bet the grey horse and he came in second, just where I'd put him.  I put down $2 to Place; he did and the payback was $3.50.

Granted, this is not how great racing fortunes are built.

But American Pharoah went off at 5 to 3 and to a Degenerate Gambler, those odds are just as good as buying a house and only being allowed to use the front porch.  Worthless, in short. 

'Tis a small victory - I'd be the first to say it, but 'tis mine.  God love ya, Frosted.

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