Friday, May 29, 2015

So the Surgeon Said...

Prepare to be bored unless you have ever had a broken hip or have had one and you can compare treatments.

I can put as much weight on Bad Leg as I want -- within the confines of the walker.

I am not ready yet for a cane.  Which is surprising as on discharge from the hospital was offered choice of walker or cane.

Bad Leg is 1/2 in. shorter than Good which is natural after hip pin surgery and, in fact, I remember one the paramedics saying "I bet it's a hip fracture - see how this leg is a bit shorter than the other?"

He's sending me for a lift (1/2 in. with a true 1/4th in.) in Bad Leg's shoe. If this evens out my gait, it will be a blessing as I'll then be dealing with two "even" feet.

I remarked that I'd walk more if I had a Handicapped Sign which he promptly issued.  You take the doctor's prescription to Triple A and walk out with a bright red placard.  Now I have to make good on walking more.  "Be careful what you wish for..."

Richie fussed about the foot/ankle swelling but he said he would order a drug that helps.  If this is a "water pill" getting up to pee every 15 min. through the night may not be such a good thing.  In fact, not at all.

He taught me a new exercise for the thigh muscle on Bad leg.  Bend your Good knee and hug it to your chest.  Extend Bad Leg and clench your knee down flat.

I'm doing well, within expected boundaries.  And Thank God for that!

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