Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy Memmorial Day Weekend!

Richie and "D" have walked down to the annual Hermosa Beach Memorial Fair.  Had I been more mobile, I would have gone, too, but from previous experience, I can tell you exactly what they're doing.

First stop:  Food Court for Santa Maria brisket sandwiches.  Then a digestion-inducing stroll up and down Hermosa Avenue, checking out the various items for sale.  Beach photos,  photos, sandals, bathing suits, decorative lamps, sculptures, outfits for babies.

Then a look is exchanged and they are strolling across the Plaza, heading for the Poopdeck, our long-time hangout.  Which has been covered extensively before.

The only change is that when they're ready to leave, Richie will go back to the Food Court and buy me a container of Cajun shrimp.  These babies are nearly mutants in size and it's $10 for a cup of five.  As they hang over the cup edge, I gave him a plastic zip-lock bag to transport them. 

Hurry home, dear - we've got beer here!

CORRECTIONS  "D"  had a bratwurst, Richie had the Santa Maria tri-tip and the Cajun shrimp guy wasn't there.

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