Thursday, November 15, 2012

You Put What In This?

We're all accustomed to the universality of some foods.  Eggs, for example, can be dressed up with various additions or dressed down - poached or hard-boiled.

There are many dishes that combine chips of some kind in scrambled egg.  In Israel, they're Matzo Brei which is eggs beaten with water-softened matzos; In Mexico, they're called  Chilaquiles which are eggs beaten up with pieces of a tortilla or tortilla chips, but this is something new:

1 dozen large eggs
1 5-oz. bag of jalapeno-flavored potato chips, lightly crushed
1/4 cup olive oil
3 large scallions, sliced

Get the olive oil going, break the eggs in a bowl, add the bag of "slightly" crushed potato chips -- and what about barbecue or red-hot Fritos -- beat them up, start the scallions in the skillet and add the mixture. 

So, where did it com from?  Potato chips... Irish potato famine... aha!  Dublin!  And!  If you use salt and vinegar-flavored chips, then you've made that old British classic minus the fish and the chips.

Food & Wine, Dec. 2012

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