Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flocked Christmas Trees Are an Insult to God!

Not that I feel strongly about flocked Christmas trees or anything...

Despite the fact that today is November 28th, our two local Christmas tree yards, both in Hermosa Beach, are up and doing business.  The Kiwanis lot at Pier and Pacific Coast Highway is selling - to the best of my recollection - all green trees, or "trees au natural" if you will. 

Debbie and Jeff's Christmas trees on the corner of 21st and Pacific Coast Highway has several small trees, painted in aggressive pastels; a rather fluorescent pink; finger paint blue and a sorta neon white.  Our route home from the gym passes Debbie and Jeff's and this morning the flocked trees were nowhere in sight and I thought, "Thank God, I don't have to see them!" until I realized that the tarp-covered short bundles next to a shed were probably those very trees.  We're supposed to have rain today which would undoubtedly improve their looks...But old Debs and the Jeff-ster have them protected. 

Why this unrelenting rage against a poor 'lil ole flocked tree?  Okay, it's convoluted.  See if you can follow along with the mad reasoning of a seriously-deranged person. (That would be me, of course)  Christmas is celebrated to honor the birth of a man, born in extremely humble circumstances - and I've always wondered how Mary managed to give birth in a manger which is a feeding trough to me, usually located about four feet off of the barn floor. 

Anyhow, where was I?  The newborn's parents were sehltering in the manger in the desert around a burg called "Bethlehem."

This particular birth is simplicity itself.  There were no hotel rooms with gold faucet taps or an available spa.  There were no flocked trees in the manger's lobby 'cause there wasn't even a lobby.

Moving on.  God is credited with creating everything in the world - oceans, mainlands, deserts, mountains and furnishing them with shores, cliffs and forests.  God made several varieties of trees - some bear nuts, others vegetables or fuits and some just sit there, looking pretty in groups or alone.  You could say that posing is their job.

My point is:  if these trees "as is" were/are beautiful to God, who are we to come along gild the lily?  I knew you'd see it my way. 

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