Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boxing Day cont'd

Now I'm thinking "food."  It needs to be substantial because no dinner offered; it has to be winter appropriate so no pastis or salsa and chips...

Leafing through a cookbook, I came across these... mini Reuben sandwiches on party rye -- corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing.  Nope, too messy.   I considered Won Tons, but too labor intensive.   All of the meat kabobs were out as we don't have an outdoor grill and I'm not really crazy about using Broil on the oven. 

There was a recipe, called "Onion-buttered Tidbits" which was pita pockets cup open slathered with Lipton's Onion Soup Mix and butter, then cut into triangles and baked in a 325 oven.  Do you know how much salt onion dip mixes have? 

No, I think I'll stay with the tried and true.   Things people have actually devoured.  To my amazement, one of those things is quesadillas!  I get the medium-size tortilla --- the ones the size of tablecloths would make more of them at once, but I don't think I have a pan large enough to cook them. 

QUESADILLAS - flour tortilla, chopped Swiss cheese (lovely buttery flavor) and that's it.  Fold the tortilla in half, butter the top side and fry the "dry" side in butter, peek and flip them onto the buttered side and finish.  Cut them into slices with a pizza cutter, plate them and have fresh salsa sitting beside that plate. 

They're labor intensive, but I love them.  Pigs in Blankets  (doesn't date me too much!  I think these were a '50s hottie...)  
Tube of Crescent rolls, dough spread out flat on a cutting board.  "Butter" with Coleman's mustard and orange marmalade.  Now cut them into strips and wind them around mini-Lil Smokies or hot dogs and bake at whatever heat the roll package says to use.

 I also like a bunch of the frozen appetizers -- mushroom and Brie pastries,  shrimp won tons with various sauces beside them;  Bacon-wrapped scallops, Mac and Cheese balls - surprisingly supple...quiches that can be cut in thin slices...  Brace yourself, Trader Joe, I'm going to be inbound!

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