Monday, November 12, 2012

The Tony Tour of Long Beach and San Pedro II

After we left Out of the Closet (picture me, morosely sulking in the back seat) we headed to the Catalina Sea and Air Terminal, Berth 95, San Pedro for dinner.  You might think that dinner in a terminal would hardly be chic, but Bistro Catalina will surprise you.  Situated on the San Pedro end of the Vincent Thomas Bridge, Bistro has a big patio between two banks of outdoor seating with a gorgeous view across the water towards Long Beach. 

One of the views

The Charcuterie Plate

Richie's Bistro Burger

Pulled pork Sliders
 Inside the terminal there is a take-out counter on your right and a glassed-in dining room on your left, beautifully done up in Italian marble and muted tones.   Because we were belatedly celebrating Tony's birthday - very belatedly; it was Sept. 30th, I ordered a bottle of Domaine St. Michel rose champagne for Tony and self.  Richie had an Alaskan Amber Ale.    This champagne is $17/bottle and is a bargain - Tony and I managed to get nearly three full flutes each.  A single flute of a different champers is $8 a glass! 

Wonderful onion rings and Tony's fish and chips

Tony liked his fish but said the cole slaw was a little dry.  Mine was but mine was on the plate and his was in a little cup.  Go figure.  Richie ate all of his burger but said the meat had chopped onion and Portobello mushroom mixed into it (which didn't sound like a bad thing to me.)

The onion rings and the fish both use the same batter which I suspect had traces of cayenne pepper.  A faint heat, but nothing to complain about.  Portions are huge.  I didn't eat any of the grilled King's Hawaiian rolls and still only managed to eat most of the meat on one slider.  Our bar tab was $31; the food before taxes was $47.50.

At dusk, the bridge's blue lights come on and Tony couldn't get over the fact that this place exists -- and he hadn't known about it!  He was born in this area and has lived all of his life in it.  He was blown away by the scenery -- the bridge arching up high, high above the water and the new Catalina Sea Terminal, of all places. 

Bistro Catalina, Berth 95, San Pedro  310-519-7971    I'd like to go back on a sunny, summer day and soak up the view (as well as some of their good food.)

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