Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sleepy Sunday

The skies are grey and overcast; we were warned of possible showers all day long. Richie has informed me that at 12 noon, he will be settled in his Superbowl Sunday Big Daddy recliner and unavailable for even minor chores. He is going to watch football. Period, end of story.

If you are not a football fan, and you live out here, I recommend a Web site that covers a fascinating situation here in Redondo Beach. We have an enormous electricity producing plant, mostly called "the AED," which is almost in the Pacific Ocean which has, for the past four years, been a bone of contention between the residents in that area and all the rest of us. What might that be? you wonder aloud. The rest of us would welcome a desalinazation facility. The tree huggers and NIMBYs in that district want it torn down for more housing (and more traffic) and "perhaps a pretty little park."

The irony of the pro salts (so to speak) is that AES is sitting on what was once a very productive sea salt mine back in 1880! It's a very interesting read, complete with Indian artifacts, early settlers and their tales -- one woman owned the salt mine twice. She got lucky in choice of husbands, shall we say. It's a great day for research!

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