Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Hampshire Crackpots

I'm referring to those gentle folk who paid their $1,000 fee and got their name on the ballot for next Teusday's primary there. Parade magazine which many of us find stuck in our Sunday newspapers, cited a few. Despite having spent the last 10 minutes Googling to find some kind of a list of names and positions, I came up empty.

The statistics are: 14 Democrats and and 30 Republicans will be competing. Vermin Supreme, a male, is campaigning to give free ponies to all Americans. Another, named "Supreme," is pushing mandatory toothbrushing, zombie preparedness (Dude - we already are - Congress ring any bells with you?) and federal funding of time travel research for the purpose of going back and killing Hitler with his bare hands.

All of this surprises me because if I ever thought of New Hampshire in the first place (no insult intended Hampshirians) I would picture a group of men, seated around a pot-bellied stove in back of the General Store, chewing tobacco and whittling and grunting, "Aye-uh" a lot.

Given the cast, there must be something in the water there -- or needed in the water there. Prozac comes to mind...

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