Thursday, January 5, 2012

And the Gym Gets Weirder

I mentioned that our gym had closed down completely for two days so that they could bring us enhanced and "state-of-the-art" new equipment. That was the monkey bars.

This morning, I found that they have added what looks like two 25-ft. long vacuum hoses (the size tube you see when the filling station tanks are being topped up.) There they were, lying lifeless on the floor. One end was anchored to the floor by a base; the other end was free.

Then they began to twitch and finally jumped about like someone was cracking a whip. Up and down - smack onto the floor - they went. Several people took turns doing this bizarre exercise.

When I'd finished my workout and was leaving the gym, I approached a trainer and asked, "What's this piece of equipment called?" and he smiled and said, "Oh it's just ropes." I cast a skeptical eye at the padded ropes flopping up and down and said, "You could make your bed five or six times instead..." and the trainer guffawed.

It's exactly the same gestures we use to float a clean sheet out onto the bed.

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