Sunday, October 23, 2011


A Horrible Person, A Boring Book But a Triple PR Play

"Finding Sarah, A Duchess's Journey To Find Herself" by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. Atria Books 313 relentlessly-self serving pages $25.99 and not worth a cent over a quarter.

She is a narcissist. She attributes this book to her despair after essentially selling access to Andrew for $40,000. And all of a sudden! she discovers she has life-long problems! Eekers.

Oprah hired her to do a docu-series on her "finding herself" using long-time Oprah guests -- Dr. Phil, Suze Orman and Martha Beck, all of whom Sarah consults in this book. That was a stroke of genius. On Oprah's part.

A Decorative (But Useless) Holiday Item
Trader Joe is now selling Cinnamon Brooms for $3.99 each. These are dried up pine branches that have been soaked in cinnamon oil and then tied into a broom shape. They're about 4 ft. long and utterly useless for sweeping.

A woman swooped down on the display as I was idly examining one and her enthusiasm -- "Oh, I love these! I put one in every room of my house!" - waving her arms around like a traffic cop. She scared me so badly that I bought one. Once home, I put it next to the litter box in the upstairs bathroom.

The label says, "Avoid contact of package and contents with furniture, fabrics, carpets, finished surfaces, plastics, acrylics and painted items as may cause damage and/or discoloration."
As an afterthought, it also says, "Avoid contact with eyes and skin."

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