Friday, May 28, 2010

You Be The Judge...

Bob (Brodsky) and I have had a running argument over what designates poetry as such for some time. Bob feels very strongly that every line -- or every other -- line must rhyme. I call that doggerel. And sniff at the barbarians that call it "poetry."

He loaned me a slim volume of poetry that his friend Janet Cameron Hoult has written. It's called "Body Parts, A Collection of Poems About Aging." ( $10.95)

I lifted one of these poems (probably highly illegally - don't rat me out) simply to allow a much larger audience than Bob and self to debate Poetry vs. Doggerel. Here goes:

Say What????
My husband and I like to travel,
But sometimes things start to unravel.
Since we both don't hear well
And we find we must spell
A word that is different or novel.

For example, what happened in Spain
When I found that I had to explain
That the restaurant served Tapas
And the servers weren't topless
Bet he won't make that mistake again!

Res Ipso Loquiter.....

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