Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cranky Today (Sunny Tomorrow)

The New York Community Board 1's 40 members have voted to allow a Muslim mosque to be built on the site of the 911 crash. The vote was 29 for it with one against and 10 others who abstained from voting. To my amazed incredulity, a group calling itself "September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows" supported building the mosque. When did they drink the Kool-Aid?

The doughty NY Times (and others) are currently running editorials against Mayor Blumberg of the "Off with his head!" variety as he has not come out as against the preposterous use of that land.

A favorite source for gossip, is today running an article called "Nine meals and 20 drinks that will kill you." Too lengthy to list here, but the calories in some well-known chain restaurants' foods astonished me. I down about 1,200 per day, but some of these things hit the 3,000 and 4,000 calorie market!

In other food news, 80 people in the San Francisco Bay area paid $17,600 per person for a fun-raising dinner with Barack Obama to benefit Barbara Boxer. The meal began with caviar and eggs...

"True Blue" is David Baldacci's newest and I'm finding it hard going. His lead character is a woman nicknamed "Mace" (for Mason.) She was a DC cop who got stung in a drug operation and did two years in prison. Now she's out of prison and wants back on the force. Isn't that precious about her name? "Mace" for a cop? Yes, well ....

The problem is that Baldacci has made her 'way too butch. She speeds around on a Ducati (motorcycle.) She settles bets with her putative beau by ....playing basketball. She cusses. She's more tomboy 14 year old than anything believable in a real person. And to finish off my day by being thoroughly bitchy, I didn't like The Camel Club books either.

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