Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What A Lovely Obituary!

I find obituaries quite interesting and on the road, if I come across the local paper, I will turn to that section. In the Midwest and parts of Texas, I often find a religious reference -- "Gone home to Jesus" "Now in God's house." Out here in So. Calif., the chosen word seems to be "passed." Now what the deceased "passed" - gravy boat? - is never explained. I like the flat-out "died" myself.

In this mornings Daily Breeze though I found the best one of all (so far.)
Bennett, Clark Lynn
September 10, 1939
November 14, 2009
His incredible life's story is the dash between dates. That dash represents all the time he spent alive on earth, and everyone who knew him knows what that little line is worth.
He loved and was loved.

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