Thursday, November 26, 2009


Keeping Up With the Jonses dept. - We've always had a lot of choices for our holiday turkey dinner -- free range, pop-up or not, Tom or Hen? Comes now a (to me) sinister new trend. My sister in Illinois is serving roast pheasant; down in East Texas, they will be dining on Cornish game hens... Once again, I am left in the dust by the roadside, wondering what in hell just passed me by...

Phone Fun on Thanksgiving -- When it rings, pick it up, make gobbling noises and then squeak, "Save me! Save me!"

Explaining Caviar - Back in September, we, Tony and Rafael celebrated their birthdays with the Sunday brunch at Ports O Call. I was excited, I'd be able to "do caviar" for them. I toured the salad bar; it wasn't there. An assistant manager said they hadn't put it out. He'd check on it. I had "the boys" ask about it on the frequent forays into the dining room. Finally, we were told, "They forgot to order it." Sighing dismally, I downed another glass of champagne.

Then, since both were coming for Thanksgiving Day I began to plan my menu. Dinner itself was simple enough (turkey, dressing, gravy, green beans, candied yams - the usual suspects) but what should I do for an appetizer? "Okay, they're guys; little pizza rounds? No. Too filling." And then it hit me - CAVIAR! (Bev Mo sells it.)

One ounce of caviar undoubtedly cost more than the entire dinner, sparkling pinot grigio included.

But my mission - Spreading Caviar Love - would be completed. I can relax, content that I have added two more aficionados to the ranks! No, no, no thanks needed - just send me an ounce of caviar!

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