Monday, November 23, 2009

A Little Goes A Long Way..

"Andy Rooney - 60 Years of Wisdom and With" by Andy Rooney BBS Publishing 286 pages $26.95

He was born January 4, 1919 (turned 90 this year) and went on to found a great career based on little more than being a professional curmudgeon. He has always made a point of never NOT having an opinion.

He and the late Marguerite married in 1942, and had four children - three girls and a boy. She died in 2004 and Rooney was said to be inconsolable.

The book is loosely divided into three parts - memoirs, essays on such as "Chairs" (he's for them,) the importance of everyone personally taking their trash to the dump (Uh, Andy? Few cities have dumps any more) to better appreciate what we throw away. The last section is a compilation of what he specifically dislikes and likes. (Christmas made the cut; he likes it.)

The book is interesting enough if you don't try to read all of it in one day. I think of it more as a browser book as in "Well! Let's just see what Any Rooney thinks about that!"

Incidentally, many of us have seen online a list of things he is said to have written -- he didn't and would love to discover the real author.

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