Sunday, November 29, 2009

Crass Commercialization.

Thanksgiving afternoon and evening, we were bombarded with TV ads -- Get up before dawn! Hurry right on down! "Store opens at 4 a.m." The purpose of this merciless onslaught? To put merchants into the asset side of the column (black.)

This morning's front page of the paper showed a color shot of a father and son, exiting a Best Buy (or equivalent,) both beaming with happiness and pride. Now, had they been carrying armloads of winter coats, sweaters and blankets for kids, I would have applauded them. Each had his arms open wide to carry ... a big screen TV each.

Today (Sunday) the exhortations have begun for us to celebrate "Cyber Monday!" during which we are all supposed to go online and buy stuff. "Shop in the comfort of your own home!" is the come-on.

I suppose it makes sense (for the Post Office and UPS) to get as much pre-Christmas shipping done as is possible before the week before Christmas.

My shopping will be simplicity itself -- one stop each at Target and Trader Joe's for gift cards. It amuses me to write a little message like "Super Bowl Supplies here! Have a good one!" I certainly won't save any money, but the recipient gets to choose what he/she wants, not what I thought they could use or would like.

Santa, you need to get in on this ... surely the elves are well past retirement age by now...

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