Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just In Case...

"Online" is a marvelous place; a veritable Alladin's cave of goodies. Example - yesterday I was looking something up and inadvertently tiptoed into a site that covered "Tips for Swimming in the Dead Sea."

The author reminded us that you'll be in salt and very little water so: wear an old bathing suit; get a pair of cheapo rubber or plastic thong sandals (sea bottom is rough); do not shave your legs/pits/face the day before; do not get sea water on your face and to bring something suitable as a prop for a photo opp.

If you envision yourself knifing through the water, arms flashing like scimitars -- get over it 'cause it ain't gonna happen. She wrote that you will be (essentially) plopping your derriere on the sea bed and floating.

In an effort to be the full-service blog that readers have the right to expect, I wheeled smartly over to El Al. com and can tell you that if you can leave 3/27 (tomorrow) and return 4/3, business class from LAX to Tel Aviv will cost you $3,126.60 for a round trip ticket.

And no, my fellow, er, thrifty travelers -- you can't go swim in the Salton Sea instead. I checked.

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