Friday, March 6, 2009


"The Far Side vol 4" by Gary Larson - $1 Going to keep it in the car for the times I get caught without a book and Richie's not back yet (to the car.)

"My Favorite Intermissions; Lives of the Musical Greats" by Victor Borge, born 1/3/1909; died 12/23/2000 age 90. He was a Danish musician and comic, known as the "Clown Prince of Denmark." Excerpt: "Every theatre is a lunatic asylum, but opera is the ward for incurables" said a friend of Franz Liszt. $2

"Another Taste of Aloha" collectively written by the Junior League of Honolulu $3 (Why have I never heard of the "Senior League" of some place? Hmmm....) I am hoping for a recipe for my beloved lumpia or Hawaiian-style egg rolls.

"A DSM-III-R Casebook of Treatment Selection" by Samuel Perry, MD, Allen Frances, MD and John Clarkin, PhD. Sample from the Contents page -- "Schizophrenia, Undifferentiated - The Case of the Square-Dancing Spiritualist." Each chapter describes a patient presenting with whatever symptom mentioned; various means of treatment, which treatment was used and outcome. Riveting, I can tell you. Just waiting for Richie to come back to the car from a quick errand, I've diagnosed my late Fa-in-Law and three friends! Whee! What fun! $3

All purchased at the Palos Verdes Library book sale.

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