Friday, April 20, 2018

More Food? But, But ...

Saturday Ruth Ellen turned us loose no doubt hoping that we would be behaviorly correct and not embarrass the family.  She had raved about the Edison Ford Summer Houses, so we went to take a look.  Edison and Ford, both inventors of great talent, had an affinity for one another probably because of their shared day dreams that became reality.  Happily their wives and families found each mutually congenial.  Speaking of congeniality - their guest quarters were both larger than the houses they lived in!

The grounds were lovely and we enjoyed seeing them.  What was rather disappointing is that our "tour" of the houses was limited to such as standing on a veranda and peering through the windows.  Tourists are not allowed inside either home or the guest quarters.

Now it was time for lunch.  We had seen a place Friday called Ford's Garage during Ruth Ellen's tour  of  downtown Ft. Myers that today was doing a brisk business - the sidewalk tables were many and customers at every one of them.

The interior was themed right up to its eyebrows.  "Normal" wooden booths and tables and chairs, but few restaurants have an early model Ford car hanging over the bar.  The napkins were mechanic's rags with a c-clamp securing them.  A service bar was a rolling tool chest which had the cash register on top and the drawers held napkins, silverware.

This is the sort of thing that is cute, but truly touristy as was Doc Ford's (pretend Caribbean shack) and soon to be seen  Rum Runners.

The menu dishes were honored by being named for the Mayor, Police Chief and so on.  Richie had Ford's signature burger $12.50 with fries which came with a very good seasoning dusted over them.  I had a Caesar Salad (not a winner in my quest) $7.95 and we split a slice of Key Lime pie $6.95.  Two Stellas each for $25.  Total was $55.54 and portions had been extremely generous.

That night Ruth Ellen and her mother, Richie's Aunt Pat took us to dinner at Rum Runners, a restaurant next to the water, a yacht brokerage (no, we didn't shop) and very trying to be upscale (white tablecloths.)  Casual dress.  I can't remember seeing anyone in Sunday best the whole trip.  Just as well; I would have stared which is rude and would have been  a great shame to the family.

The room was vast, a big space here, another there all with some kind of water view, which wasn't really studied by us - too deep in conversation.   We had been seated next to the loudest groups in the whole place, but when we asked, were graciously moved to another area and we all sighed with relief - and could hear each other doing it!

We started off with drinks - Richie's usual pre-dinner tipple, a Tanqueray and tonic $8.65, a shot of Johnny Walker Black for Ruth Ellen $11.45, water for Aunt Pat and a prosecco split for me.  $10.50.  Aunt Pat ordered sweet potato fries $4.99 with our drinks - she just loves them due to the seasoning dusted over them - kind of peppery, but not tonsil threatening and kinda sweet, but no dentist would be alarmed.

Two orders of Gulf Coast pasta, $14.50 each, one pork tenderloin $22.99 and a Caesar salad and shrimp cocktail $9.99 came to our table..  They didn't list the Caesar salad amd I can't give you a price for it because I couldn't eat it.  Billed as "romaine" lettuce (pale, green spears of lettuce) what came was a jumbled, wilted mess o dark-green, big leaved something.  It looked like a pile of sautéed spinach to give you an idea.   I took one bite.  I wasn't going to say much of anything unless asked why I wasn't eating it by our server Kaitlyn but Ruth Ellen, a restaurant owner herself, rapidly called Kaitlyn over, pointed out the salad and said to take it away.  Lettuce qualities and colors were briefly discussed and I ate my shrimp cocktail and later told Kaitlyn it had been very good as a sort of appeasement for the salad.  There's no doubt I would have been a collaborateur in WW2.

I praised my sparkling prosecco which intrigued Aunt Pat and after I had given her a sip, she declared she loved it!  So she and Richie split another one.  I should note that Aunt Pat is now 91 years old, lives alone in a spacious condo, golfs, and just bought herself a new SUV - "I like to be up high," the straight-backed diminutive lady said.  If I get older (no one has shot at me yet) I want to be just like her.  Full of fun, full of enjoyment of life.

I am tired of writing about food for the moment and for all I know, you are all sick of  hearing about anyhow  Tomorrow we will polish off Beef O'Brady's and Maria's.  Stay hungry, my friends!

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