Saturday, April 7, 2018

Haircuts, Nicaraguan Beer and a Great Dane

Not many can get an excursion out of going to get a haircut.  We can!  I deliberately booked us in at 11 a.m. with the thought of going on to lunch.  After all, for Richie getting a haircut at all is a traumatic experience.  He is clearly believes he is a life support system for his hair.  Some 34 years of suggesting, pleading, nagging on my part have done absolutely nothing.  Thus I knew he would be in need of serious sustenance after "The Rape of the Lock," so to speak.

El Segundo (Tonsorial Parlor, Dale Snowberger, owner and star cutter) has a surprisingly large number of people who go out to lunch.  Parking was problematical, possibly because there are no parking meters in El Segundo.  I stress this because  having to nervously pick at your salad and glance at your watch simultaneously is bad for the digestion.  No meters; no worries.

Rock'n Brew is blessed with its own lot and we quickly slid into a vacant spot.  We chose to sit out on the patio - for once the sun was out earlier than 4 p.m. - and studied the beer menu.  My eye fell upon Nicaragua - Panga Drops, Keller Pils.  8 Oz. $4.  The price alone would have been a choice factor for me.

But this time sentimentality ruled - "Raffish" our adopted nephew (and I always make sure to say that when introducing him so as not to shame his family by an association with us) has family there so to honor him - and have the can as Show and Tell, I ordered one.

It came with a stemmed heavy glass goblet and a "Stubbie" size can, i.e. half the size of a "normal" can. It's yellow with turquoise trim.  Here is the copy:

"Unfiltered, golden crisp and refreshing with a taste of Nicaragua in every sip.  Say "Hola" to the perfect craft pilsner for the beach, packed in an 8 oz. stubbie so every drop is enjoyed cold.  Adventure awaits.  MADE IN NICARAGUA.

I liked it for it had a very faint citrus back taste. And the little baby cans are so cute.  And don't forget the $4 part.

As we were finishing our LA Dog (me) and chili (Himself) in came a man with a jet black Great Dane on a leash.  The dog was huge, well-mannered and ate a naked hot dog in one gulp and these are not small hot dogs.  His didn't have mozzarella cheese, bacon, grilled onions, thin slices of fresh jalapenos and it wasn't on a pretzel bun like mine was, but he seemed to like it despite the fact that he ate it so swiftly I doubt there was even any taste.

We had a nice day.  Any excursion involving food and drink always is.

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