Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Giddy Gaiety at the Library - Shhhh

Today is National Library Workers Day.  Who knew?  This Tuesday is only a part of National Libraries week.  I read that a proclamation was made January 25, 2003 to start this whole deeply intellectual week but not by whom.  

Anyhow, research would suggest that the library denizens do rather well for themselves.  Interestingly enough, the festivities are limited to library workers and not the general public.  I read wonderingly of parties with cake, raffles (small TV, hotel stay) and, in general, maximum gaiety.

Good for them.  If it weren't for libraries - which, please note - preceded Google - my IQ would be in a much lower place.  "Looking up stuff at the library" exercised my legs as well as my brain as I traveled from Biographies, to Dow Jones matters, recipe books and a great deal more.

I say, let us celebrate these daunting men and women and thank them by turning in all of our overdue books and DVDs.  It's not much... but it does show them we care.  Plus late DVDs are $2 a time when they're late.  

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