Monday, April 24, 2017

Table Scraps

Drink and Dinner - In the Same Glass
Ports O Call, San Pedro, is touting their bartender's Bloody Marys.  While I digested yet another plateful of food (caviar on a roll with butter, red onion and lemon juice) and Caesar salad, I jotted these down ...

Cowboy Bloody Marty
bacon-infused steak sauce, chipotle salted rim, garnished with a beef jerky stick, pickle spear, celery stalk and lemon and lime juice.

House mix tomato juice, beer back, garnished with salami, a cheese cube, pepperoncini and a pickled green bean. 

Hudson House, PCH, used to make one with a pair of fat, grilled shrimp skewered across the top. 

"I'd Go Back There Again," Said Richie
Which surprised me as neither one of us is particularly fond of Indian cuisine. 

Friends invited us to join them for lunch at Addi's Tandoor, 800 W. Torrance, Redondo Beach, 310-540-1616

When we walked in the door, we began to be impressed.  The room is a large, calm one in gray with a wall of windows facing the street with decorative curtains.  If left alone, they would hang straight, but midway down their length, they are cinched in with a tie of the same curtain color.   The tables have crisp white linens and are spaced far enough apart to encourage conversation at your table, but no need to listen to other's. 

All of our various orders - chicken tikka, chicken curry, shrimp marsala - came with rice and were served after a crisp salad with dressing in a little pitcher on the side.  Service was excellent; Shukriya took very good care of us.  Chef Gurbachan Singh did a great job with their presentations of Goa style Indian food.

We learned that Addi's (owner Addi Decosta) has been there for 20 years.  They've got a good thing going and we'll be going back.  A very ample lunch was $11.25 (chicken curry) and $14.95 (shrimp marsala) with rice and salad.

The French Have a Word for It, But I Don't Know the Word
So here are the facts as printed in various media.  Remembering always that the media has not always represented the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

Leading candidate in the French elections is Macron, nipped at his heels by Marine Le Pen (Go, Marine!) who has been married for 10 years to his former French history teacher.  They met when he was 15 and she was 39, married and had three children.  His parents (a doctor and neurology professor)  asked her to lay off, at least until he was 18, but the happy couple's relationship went on. 

They were married in 2007 when he was 29 and she was 54.  He is 39; she is 64.  Her youngest daughter is the same age as Macron and active in his campaign. 

They are said to be quite devoted, rumors of a rather personal relationship between Macron and a male French official notwithstanding. 

Ah, France - land of love.

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