Saturday, July 25, 2015

Home Again

Got home yesterday(Friday) around noon when they finally released me.  Surgeon wouldn't let me go until after one more round of physical therapy.  I was three days post-op.

After laboriously making it up the stairs, I couldn't stand up without getting dizzy so I spent the night upstairs in a chair especially rigged so that my hips were positioned above my knees.  Richie wouldn't leave me, so he chaired it, too.  The night passed  uneventfully.

 And so has the day in my chair. Day 5.   I was malnourished and dehydrated (another reason to hate hospitals) so today I have eaten every three hours (semi-solids such as yogurt)  An easily my own weight's worth of water and I still haven't peed.

I mention these details in answer to this Q/A - Isn't a hip replacement easy peasy?  The answer is a RESOUNDING - NO.

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