Friday, July 3, 2015

Grey Water Cocktails

Southern California has worse drought problems than Northern California and, personally I think it's because it's never very warm there.  Be that as it may and I don't want to hear how hot it was in 1904? 1906? (I wasn't there despite appearances)  because that was the year of the Earthquake and subsequent fires which burned down most of the "city" as it was then.

So never mind the North.  We need to get inventive down here.  To that end, I had what may (or probably may not) be a brainstorm..  To wit:  Dirty Water Cocktails.  These would be simply a variation on what many of us do anyhow --- invite friends and family over for a drink and horsies (hors d'ouevres).  Most guests bring a bottle of wine or a 6-pack of a sensational new beer.  Very nice of them and much appreciated.

But:  what if the guests were encouraged to bring a container of grey water - the residue from the dishwasher, for example - and offered to the host instead?  In nice weather, the party could be held the backyard and each guest could "adopt" a specific plant to water?

This could spur rivalry - "Look at MY poinsettia plant!" and perhaps encourage others to actually MAKE an effort to conserve their own dirty water?

Speaking for Richie and self, we have enough wine left over from other guests to easily hold several of these events and how much does a box of Ritz crackers and a tube of Velveeta cost anyhow?

Yes ... definitely an idea whose time has come...  

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