Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Question for "Jeopardy"

And my question is -- and this isn't spur of the moment either - where on earth do the producers find so many morbidly obese women for the show?

Is there a sort of game preservation facility deep in the wilds of the Midwest?  Where the stock is kept on a steady diet of cream puffs a la mode?  Exercise consists of elbow bending?

I have seen (and so have the rest of the viewers) women so big they were wider than the podium they occupied - whose fat encroached on their next door contestant.  The other night I wondered if they were transported to their spot by forklift?

I am not being unnecessarily cruel or catty here.  I assure you the obese know they are.  They may try to be cute about it - t-shirt:  I'm not fat; I'm fluffy!" or as Alexander McQueen Smith tells us about the women of Botswana have "a classical build." 

To both, I retort:  Yeah, right!

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