Saturday, December 15, 2012

And That's That

I was trying to think like an actuary (the people that predict numbers vs. accidents by type among other things.)  I am not gifted at maths.  You've been warned.

The US population recently numbered 314, 395, 013 souls.  Which was said to be a delight to nerds as it equals Pi times 100 million.  Good for them!

Now, if we assume that one-third of the population is babies and numbers 103,750,035; another third is people too old to handle a weapon then one-third of the population is left.
The people that are the right age to commit shootings.  If we remove .05% of that population as barking mad/ clinically insane, then we have 51,875,175 potential assasins. 

Since apparently any wing nut can buy a gun, all we can do is settle back and wait for the next massacre.  Welcome to life in America. 

But...   it's just such a pity that they don't shoot themselves FIRST.

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