Friday, August 31, 2012


Thursday, after we took a cab to the train station to pick up the rental car, we motored over to Aix to see the Cours Mirabeau again.  This is - or was - one of the most beautiful streets in France.  It's a double wide stretch of pavement, punctuated by fountains in the middle of the street and shadowed by a double row of plane trees up and down its length.  I say "or was" because the central fountain ( a triple tiered masterpiece) is gone.  Today?  Only a flat slab of concrete.  Nevertheless, the street is chockful of tourists, oo-ing and aw-ing.

I had pizza and it was totally different from the US version -- the tomatoes had a sweet taste (because fresh) not the sour taste as is usual.
Richie had a Caprice salad - lettuce, tomato, mozzarella, oil and vinegar dressing
This is the olive oil store
A liquor store!
Typical market offering
Typical shops (above)
At lunch, just off of Cours Mirabeau
This old part of Aix was once home to such disparates as Paul Cezanne, Emile Zola and Albert Camus. 

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