Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Something of a Surprise...

From the front page of the Los Angeles Times (latimes.com) "Asians nation's fastest-growing group."

In 2000, 60% of immigrants were Latino; 19.2% were Asian.  (Nowhere in this article does it say that any of the groups were legal or illegal which is confusing statistically.)

Potential employers consider Asians the more desirable because many of them  have been well educated. 

Degree                         Income
US population 28%    $49,800
Asians  49%                $66,000
Whites  31%                $54,000
Blacks    18%               $33,300
Latinos   13%              $40,000

Six groups make up the "Asian" population

Chinese - 4,010,114
Filipino - 3,416,840
Indian - 3,383,063
Vietnamese - 1,737,433
Korean - 1,706,822
Japanese - 1,304,286

Together this group accounts for nearly 6%, or 18.2 million, of the US total population. 

All I can add and that solely from observation and reading the papers is that the Palos Verdes High School routinely wins awards in the sciences and in general education and that there are a number of Asian residents in Palos Verdes.

Asian parents seem to demand excellence.  The down side of this, of course, is that in about five years when the kids have all graduated Magna Cum Laud, the parents will then be sending them for extensive, long-term therapy. 

As we Americans say (31% of the people with a bachelor degree) "All work and no play..."

I admire the spirit of people who want to succede, not just sustain.  Go for it!

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