Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cocktails In Bermuda

Richie found yesterday's French Meatballs -aside:  he wondered what made them "French" and I said, "Probably the cream of mushroom soup" dryly.

But I found this which might be considerably more, uh, intoxicating.  John Trimmingham's wife Mary Lou sent in his rum cocktail recipe.

13 oz. Barbados rum
3 oz. Gosling's Black rum
2 oz. Bacardi light rum
1 T grenadine
1 T white Falernum *
13 oz. unsweetened Dole pineapple juice
13 oz. unsweetened Trinidad grapefruit juice

Stir together in a large pitcher and serve over ice.  Mary Lou's comment?  "Yum, like drinking candy!"

The dishes listed for a "cocktail crush for 50" were:   pizza - pate maison - cheese straws - cheese ball and crackers - liverwurst pate - caviar on toast - artichoke hearts and ham bites - assorted quiches - fresh vegetable platter - cheese fondue and cheese biscuits.

Based on the richness of the above, I would imagine that Bermudian cardiologists make a damned fine living!

* Falernum is a rum-based spicy mix with toasted cloves, allspice, nutmeg, lime zest and julienned ginger.  It dates back to the ancient Romans who called it "Falernian" "Falernum" in Latin.    John D. Taylor's Velvet Falernum is available in the U.S. I'd look in Bev-Mo or equivalent.   

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