Friday, March 11, 2011

Local News

This is a view from the RB Pier overlook. To the left of the yellow-roofed building, you will see water cresting over the breakwater the day of the high winds. You can follow the line of that "wall" and that is Basin #1 where most of the sardines wound up.

"Where's Waldo?" Being Replaced Locally by "Find the Fishies?"

Yesterday, Himself came in, went to the phone and called the RB police dispatcher. "Hi, my name is Richie Murphy and coming home, I passed a big pile of dead fish out in the left turn lane at Herondo and ..."

This morning we were diverted into the center lanes, just after turning left onto PCH from Aviation. A cop car was parked to angle drivers out, a cop motorcycle was in front of the car and leading this "parade" was a cop pick-up truck. No crashed and buckled cars; no blood gushing victim. What?! A pile of dead fish nearly blocking the driveway into the supermarket!

Coming home from the gym, passed the same spot - not a trace! All gone.

Both piles were big enough to cause you to skid if you took them at speed. Let alone the treads of your tires reeking for some time.

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