Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Continuing Saga of ZsaZsa and the Prince

Sequence of events:
Prince puts their Bel Air "mansion" up for sale - $28 million
He announces he is selling her furs which she hasn't worn for years because PETA asked her not to wear them.
He displays jewelry online he's putting up for auction, including a very expensive watch.
Last Sunday, he called the police at 10 a.m. to tell them that they had been robbed at 3 a.m.

Three different stories came from his mouth.
1. ZsaZsa and I heard the noises, but didn't get up.
2. I heard the noises, grabbed my baseball bat and chased two men out of the house.
3. Today, he says that he heard noises, didn't see anyone, even though he went out in the garden to check. He estimates losses at $100,000 in camera equipment and two statues the couple bought while honeymooning in Munich 25 years ago. He says that ZsaZsa is crying about the loss of the statues. (Remember she has been reported as nearly comatose for some years.)

He first claimed that a lot of things had been taken -- paintings, statues and jewelry. Which meant that the erstwhile robbers had to make several trips back and forth from house to vehicle. Neighbors didn't see anything at all.

He's on record as having said that he needs money for ZsaZsa's 24/7 nurses, medical expenses and so forth.

The reason he amuses me so much is that he's so gullible in thinking that the rest of us are that stupid! Can you spell "attempted insurance fraud"?

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