Monday, May 16, 2022

The only electric fire engine in America

If you don't count Mesa. AZ 

Howard County - no state given.  Maybe afraid it will be stolen?

I assume you can pop by Station 82, Hollywood FOR A LOOK AT YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK

 The article mentioned Station 82 which reminded me  of Station 42 (Rosemead) where Cousin Doug reigned as Fire Captain

As it turned out, he would be of several - his brother Perry; and more Doug was the most daring.  I saw him run across Turn 3, Ontario Motor Speedway; ,  

At a family barbeque  some one yelled the house next door was on fire  Running hard in flip flops he grabbed the garden hose and  rammed it through the open kirchen window and put out the fire

On a braver level  at an off-r0ad race at Riversiide Richie and Doug took 5 or 6 neighborhood kids (on my press pass) Ever resolute he had bought  an old yellow school bus.  Kids    loved it


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