Friday, May 20, 2022

That SO' 50's!

The BullPen

310 Avenue  I

31o 375 9

I've always loved this place even when it hadnt ye't become retro yet.,Steak and Martinis  "                                                                                                                                          "                                                                     Richie and I  sauntered in last night what  we ate-Himself dined as follow sGin and Tonic

Medalions of beef  $37.   Come s with  Soup or salad, mashed or baked.  potaHis  wine with the meal - Stone Cellar Cab SAuv $8'.5

Hendrix well gin  $.13 makes a damned fine martin[.   

House PinotGrigigio $8..50

Tourdinous $42 

$$: !28,66Having

HAVING dined in considerableat  ease-in red Naugahyde booths  we gave  simultaneous  belches and went home  

Oh,?what'sf0r dinne tonighr?  

You might recognise it  especiaially if you  found  yoursefl  dining on Avenue I

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