Saturday, January 11, 2014

Snips and Sips

Retired people most generally have to come up with their own amusements.  Everyone else is at work.  Richie has developed some skill at this and the other day he delivered brilliantly.

Dale Snowberger has been cutting Richie's hair for 35 years and mine for 28.  His Tonsorial Parlor was in Manhattan Beach about a block and a half off of the ocean.  Thus parking (all metered, no lots) was a real pain.  That's when we started making double appointments.

Then last year Dale announced that his new salon in El Segundo was almost through consturction.  We nodded and our first question was, "What about parking?"  Dale laughed and said, "Plenty of it, no meters!"

Last week we had a double appointment - we both wanted to see the new digs - and duly arrived at 210 W. Grand, El Segundo.  It's in the Old Town area, just off of Richmond, one of the main drags.  Dale outdid himself with his favored Western theme; you almost expect an old time gunslinger to come ambling in.  Richie shot pictures and you will be impressed when the computer and I get through wrangling about running them.  Trust me for the moment.

When we were once again beautified, we sauntered back to the car marveling at the pressed tin ceilings, the Old West memorabilia; the amazing wood working and how much bigger it was than the old salon.

Out of sheer force of habit, he steered us to a parking spot near the Old Town Patio Bar and Grill where we have idled away many a happy hour drinking Stellas out on said patio.  Today it was too cold for the patio, so we sat at the bar.  I was starving so we split an order of hamburger sliders with bacon and cheese.  I was a little wary about the hamburger because bars generally use those frozen (tough) patties.  Four of the little darlings came out; juicy and flavorful - the bacon crisp and the cheese melted, but not gooey.  $7.   I recommend them and look forward to going back for more.  

When I've won the war with the computer and can pull up the pictures, you will be stunned at the size of the "large" beer.  Seven years at the gym, doing upper body work and I still had to use both hands to lift it!   I thought about asking for a straw, but felt it was a bit gauche to do so.   One is all you will need; promise.   

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