Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Tate Modern Scenery

A view of the Millenium Bridge from the Tate Modern.  This Tate (there is another up river with classic paintings) was once an old power factory and like our electrical power plants, no windows.  The architecture was what I wanted to see at this one.  Museums are, generally speaking, full of natural light.

A modern, glass windowed viewing station that opened out onto a spacious terrace offered prime views of the Thames and surrounding buildings, but the rest of the place had to rely on artificial lighting.  And once again, it was Kensington Palace lighting - big patches of utter darkness when you crossed from one room into another.  I've read that Queen Elizabeth shuts off the lights when she leaves a room, but not that her subjects took her so seriously that they don't bother to turn ON lights when they enter a room. 

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