Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Iron Man
Entering the gym this morning, we were right beside a very tall, slender man wearing a plain black jumpsuit.  He had his ear pods in and I heard a faint strain of "soft rap" music.  Draped around his neck was a shiny big chain, that glittered in the desk's lighting.  The chain looked quite capable of providing snow chains for a semi in Anchorage, Alaska.

Naturally we didn't remark on this at all, but when I left I asked the desk guy what that was about.  I was wondering about management's carelessness in allowing a possibly deranged man to roam freely (with his seven or eight foot chain)among us.

Desk guy said carelessly, "Oh, those are weight training chains.  He wraps them around his waist and hooks weights onto them.  Then, when he exercises, he's using even more weight."

I pondered this and said, "A little too ardent for me" and we both grinned and I left.  

Showing 'em How You Feel
Seen on a placard in a photo from the Texas abortion law protests:  Keep your rosaries off my ovaries.  
Psychological Study
Question:  can a previous mildly bad experience at a restaurant color your perceptions when you attempt a second visit?

Case in point:  About two years ago we and Bob and Pat went to the Nameless Mexican restaurant.  It was in the winter, near a holiday (and I can't remember which one it was.)  The Nameless was packed and the only table free was right beside the front door.  Every time it opened or closed, we got a blast of frigid air.  We quickly decided to go elsewhere, made our apologies and left.  We walked straight across the parking lot to Cialucci's.

Last night, Richie decided he needed an Italian fix so we went to what used to be Cialucci's but is now Charlie's.      But, alas - Charlie's was closed for a private party.  So we reversed our steps and walked back across the parking lot to the Nameless.

Got the back corner booth (right next to the hallway door to the bathrooms) ordered a couple of Pacificos and studied the extensive menu.  Healthful items such as Turkey Jalapeno Enchiladas, Roasted Sweet Corn Ravioli, Honey Chili-Glazed Salmon over Black Bean Sauce appeared (and were equally dismissed by us.)

Service was pleasant and prompt.  The big room began to do a good business.  My shrimp quesadillo of grilled shrimp, sweet onion and garlic and jack and cheddar cheese arrived promptly, quickly followed by Crispy Chicken Potstickers with chili sauce on the side and a side of the cilentro cream that came with something else -I'd wanted to taste it and thought the sauce and potstickers would go well together and they did. 

Richie ordered the grilled shrimp and scallops with pasta and again, service was prompt .

Back in the car, laden with leftovers, we compared notes - he thought the pasta was "too tough."  I thought the Swiss cheese was too sweet for the shrimp quesadilla and it wasn't until I re-read the menu  this morning that I saw that it should have been jack and cheddar.  I was disappointed in the cilantro cream sauce; just didn't have enough flavor.  Unusually, it was served hot - the server warned me about the bowl it came in.    Cold might have sparked more flavor.

So here we had an adequate dinner; good service and yet... left with a vague feeling of discontent.  Maybe it was the clubby atmosphere; customers and servers all seemed to know each other ...we were clearly the only strangers in the whole restaurant.  Which is never a problem elsewhere, but here it was like a family renion!

'Tis said "Third time's a charm" but given the two previous outings... dunno.

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