Sunday, July 7, 2013

This'n That

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to the Torrance Farmers Market and Richie picked up this salad recipe from a vegetable vendor who was offering passers-by a sample - so they'd buy the vegetables needed for it from him.  I would call it "Mexican Confetti" because the "dressing" is a typical use of two major food groups in Mexico - limes and chilis. 

Confetti Salad
1/2 chopped red onion
1 red Bell pepper, chopped
1 yellow Bell pepper, chopped
1 green Bell pepper, chopped
1 cucumber, chopped
1 Serrano pepper, de-seeded and ribbed and chopped
pinch of garlic salt

Mix it all together, give it a good shot of lime juice (fresh or bottled) and toss well
Dust with red chili powder.

The LA Times Travel section runs a column they call "Your Tips" which consists of letters from readers.  Every now and then they have some good ones and then there are some that are not-so-good.

Oceanside, CA:  Car trips with kids - put slip-on shoes on them and you won't have tiresome waits at stops for them to find the shoes, untie the laces, put the shoes on and re-tie the laces.
     I'd counsel slip-ons (loafers) at airport security, too.  Richie used to fly in cowboy boots; when that ruling came in he went out and bought a pair Bass Weejuns.

Manhattan Beach, CA suggests that on group tours just before the tour begins, set up a meeting place at a prominent location within the tour.  Everyone will then know where to go to hook back up with the group.
     But I say that it's easier, faster and avoids any walking at all, to just stop dead in your tracks and hold one arm up in the air.  Yes, of course people will look at you!  The responder should also hold up his/her arm so everyone is on the same page and you can start walking towards each other.

Porter Ranch, CA:  Take a plastic, sealable bag to the airport for your watch, coins, cell phone, pens and let it go through security like that.  At the end of the beltway, grab and go. 
     This would also speed up security lines if everyone did it. Ahem, Richie.

Ontario, CA urges us to hang onto the plastic zip bags bed linens come in.  She says to pack your clothes in them, sit on them  to get the air out and zip them shut because they are easily seen through and that she has never had one opened by Transportation Security Administration.
     Years ago when these first came out, I bought a set of these bags and found that stuffing clothes into a bag, sitting on the bag and trying to zip it shut did work for more inside the bag room, but:  these bundles were stiff as boards and I couldn't pack other things in and around them.  Today I just roll my clothes, stick them in the suitcase and go. 

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