Saturday, January 22, 2022

One Thing Leads to Another - Hence This:

 It is my contention that "nursing homes" deliberately condition patients to become incontinent (bed wetters) as a matter of course......  

How they do it? The  home while the patient is a little out of it, slips them into an adult diaper.  Thus when the addled, but dry patient rings the buzzer for a trip to the bathroom with the nurse, said functionary can return with this pithy (deliberate) instruction - "Oh, just go in your pants."

When you have demand, you will also find money which roused a vivid mental picture of Mafia vs. Corporate Greed over expensive lunches in exotic venues - Aruba is said to be a popular "Get to know you," place.  

"But that's expensive!" you cry.  Back comes the retort:  "Nursing homes' population is 75 per cent incontinent," and even wholesale, sell as follows - sample  

Women - 30 count package $15.78   Male - 32 count $16.99

The Mafia rep - DiDi Di Fontanina and the CEO - a Cabot Lodge I seem to remember - stretch in the Aruban sun.  Cocktails and dinner with a planned stop for an undie change.  Their saying is "If you're pushing a product, you use it,"  DiDi said only recently.  It was on the flight to Paris.  One of their designers was having an engineering problem on the mens' scrotum pouch sample. His models don't understand his French and there have been some heated discussions during the fitting sessions.  

But no one is incontinent.

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