Tuesday, November 16, 2021


 Richie and and I saw it and never managed to actually go in.  Our loss has been amended with yesterday's visit to Sweet Wheat, which is an authentic French Patisseriurveyors of such as baguettes, country sour dough a French tradition.  It lived up to it's authenticity.  Get your languid butts in there for a bit of crisp but chewy baguette the chewy being a hallmark  of French bread.  Combine it with Lovely French butter (available at Ralph's)

Other delicacies include (but are not limited to such as) tarts, macarons) $6)   They have a nice open counter of wines and champagne - you want authentic?  pop the cork!

Read the menu at  sweet heat bakery  Now go back on your diet.  

as if.

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Jay Simpson said...

Nina is recovering from hip surgery and bad hospital food. She is in good spirits. Her morning Stair PT with one of her admirers today was three steps down, three steps up, rest.) Occasional floor walking on her own and walking in-place rounds out her workout. Steady progress but not Olympic-ready this year.

Says she has no pain or immediate complaints although she reserves the right. I suggested a get-well fruit basket but she indicated that Godiva chocolates were more age-appropriate and beneficial.

Complete victory over one flight of stairs will let her Word of Mouth blogs fill in the details.

It can't be too soon.