Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Show-Offs and Their Money Are Soon Parted

Remember the Fog Martini from San Francisco - made up of dew collected from trees on a mountain, distilled into vodka and used to make a $43 martini?  (Or so they said.)  Tales of $2,500 hamburgers?  (That didn't sound that good anyhow - Kobe beef and fois gras don't come off in my developing tank.  Not a pretty picture.)

I know alcohol costs more than food - have only to look at the tab after dinner.  It's long known that a resto makes more money in the bar than the kitchen.

Now there's a $1,000 drink.  I use "drink" in the sense of a glass with an alcoholic beverage in it.  Just so we're all clear here.  Okay?

Comes now one Antony Sazerac, bartender at the MGM National Harbor Hotel and Casino, Oxon Hill, MD, 10 miles away from the White House. 

This is the drink he's touting:  The Thousand Dollar Cocktail!  Made from Don Julio 1942 Tequila, Grand Marnier Quintessence, agave nectar, fresh lime juice and a bottle of Dom Perignon in a pitcher to refresh the above as the level in your glass falls.   

Always suspicious, I looked up the prices for it.  Don Julio 1942 - $114, $105, $98.99.
Grand Marnier Quintessence $810 which has to be wrong; will check and get back.*  Dom Perignon high $330 down to $98.99 - at Costco!  Trader Joe agave nectar $9.75.  Fresh lime - free if you've got a neighbor with a tree. 

For those of us with more, shall we say, limited finances, the $130 Champagne-arita is offered.

So this Sazerac dude didn't "invent" anything.  He just made a margarita with really expensive ingredients. 
*Grand Marnier Quintessence IS $810 and another place sells it for $1,300. 

Now, if we all pooled our nickels and dimes and bought a bottle of this stuff, we could offer shots for $150 and no doubt make a profit; certainly our investment (the $1,300) back ... God help the person sent to bring it to the bar who drops it.  We will own that person for life.  heh heh

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