Sunday, April 16, 2017

"Go Forth and Multiply"

Yesterday's gerontological world  was saddened at the news of Emma Morano's death.  Lauded as the Oldest Person  In The World, she left us at age 117 from her small village in Italy.  She left no survivors although she did have a son, but he died in infancy.

A commentator on the article about her still has me laughing:  "Oldest person?  Don't think so.  Madonna is still alive."

Emma's successor is a Jamaican woman named Violet Brown, age 117.  Her son is 97 and he is the oldest person with a living parent.   

Nabi Tajima of Japan is 116 and will be 117 August 4, 2017.  She really listened to God (who was somewhat insistent about this "go forth and be fruitful"  thing - Gen. 9:7, Gen. 1:28 and Gen. 1-1:31 all advise it.) 

She had nine children who provided her with:  28 grandchildren; 56 great-grandchildren and 35 great-great grandchildren for a grand total of 128 descendants.   Fruitful indeed.

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