Saturday, April 29, 2017

Protesters! You're Overlooking "A Cause"

Several days ago, I wrote protesting in my own small way that there are very few male mammogram technicians.  Since never criticize without offering a solution is a necessity to me,  I proposed a gentle start-up with gay men, then gradually segue to heterosexual males.  After all, there are a great many male ob/gyns. 

Yesterday it dawned that there are very few female proctologists and the person giving you a colonoscopy is very likely going to be a man, ladies.  This hardly seems right to "the fairer sex."  Having a hose pipe rammed up your backside is a universal event and if the medical world is going to be sexist about mammograms, why not a colonoscopy? 

This is the kind of mature thinking you might find in grade school.  "Don't let anyone see under your bathing suit."    The patient goes to the doctor to present a problem that the patient wants fixed.  The doctor fixes it or not.  No one is getting a thrill from a glimpse of the problem in a delicate area or flashing it either.   Here's a secret, guys - women always wear their best underwear to the ob/gyn.  And no one sees it because:  the nurse hands you a gown and says, "Take off everything, fasten this in the front and Doctor will be right with you."  Doctor comes in and your sexy lingerie is buried under your cast-off clothes and you are wearing a crinkly paper "dress" - that opens down the front.

And, I would add, if you guys think a vaginal exam is sexy in any way (even for fetishists) you are very sadly mistaken.   A wide, cold instrument in a warm, narrow enclosure is not ... pleasant.

So ... in conclusion, women do have the right to consult a female doctor; men a male.  No one could argue with that.  What I feel should be protested is the lack of acceptance for the opposite sex in a procedure or exam that investigates a "delicate area."    A doctor is a doctor. 

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