Sunday, April 9, 2017

Flickers of Thought - Or Maybe Not ...

Sundays are lazy days and all the more enjoyable for that.  I'm being Sunday appropriate (lazy)  and here are some quotes I ran across in "Comments" from various sites and humorous stuff sent from friends.

The tails on cats and dogs serve as neckties for their butts.

Don't cry over spilled milk; turn the udder cheek and moo-ve on. 

The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to break a heart.  So be careful with your words.

The best lesson you'll ever learn is recognizing how much you don't know.

Lip rings make you look like the fish that got away.

Ate a meal without Instagramming it. 

Spoke on the phone to a human being for reasons unrelated to food delivery. 

Radical Muslims are the new postal workers.

A moderate Muslim will not cut your head off, but supports the radical Muslim who will. 

Planning a wedding?  Well, dahling, the tiered wedding cake with the bride and groom on top of it is so yesterday.

Today a "drip" cake is fashionable.  "What the hell is that?  Sounds nasty!"  Think a solid cake, no tiers.  Solid, plain, one-color frosting, smoothed like concrete.  Then take a ladle of chocolate syrup, pour it over the flat top and let it dribble down the cake sides.  Doesn't have to be chocolate syrup. 

Still a little blah?  How about a tier of pizzas?  Giant to medium to 10 in. for the top. 

Morning wedding?  Tiered, frosted doughnuts.   Appetizers?  Mini-waffles with a chunk of white chicken.  Three tiny pancakes, drenched in syrup with a strawberry or blueberry toothpicked into the pancake top.  One could cut squares of French toast, too.   Presumably all of them would be liberally buttered ... or better - a soup bowl of melted butter for dipping.  Do not let kids or Auntie Martini dip their own.  When dry cleaning bills equal the cost of the honeymoon... not a good start.

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